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Thermazone® Comfort Heaters

Low cost power and simple, inexpensive installation make Thermazone® Black Body Electric Infrared Heaters the easy and economical solution to heating. Thermazone® Heaters are always on the job. There are no moving parts to break down or bulbs or reflectors to clean and replace. Because there are no combustion by-products, no flames, or noxious gases produced, the UL approved Thermazone® Electric Heaters provide safe, clean heat.

In 1967 Black Body corporation developed a flat-panel emitter that has an excellent emissivity factor and is efficient and uniform in the temperature range of 500F to 900F when used very near the work to be processed. (Black Body is a physics term that represents the most efficient emitter and absorber of radiant energy.)

Therma Zone® Black Body Comfort Heater

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