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The Best Products With Energy Sales, Inc.

Energy Sales Inc. represents only the best manufacturers with products that meet the needs and specifications of our customers. The products we offer include gas fired & electric infrared heating equipment, air movement / conditioning, and air cleaning and detection for customers in the industrial, commercial, & residential markets. We represent products from the following manufacturers:

Gas & Electric Infrared
Air Cleaning & Detection
Air Movement & Conditioning
Line Card


Thermazone Electric Infrared Heater

  • 95% Efficient – Safe & Clean Heat
  • Inexpensive Installation
  • No Reflectors to clean
  • No moving parts
  • No service required
  • 16 Ga. Aluminized Steel Construction
  • Several Sizes & Inputs to choose
  • Simple to Control
  • Serves multiple applications
  • UL Approved

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Low Intensity Electric IR Heater – Commercial / Residential

  • Full heating output in 5-7 minutes
  • Mounting options at 45° angle in corner or mounted straight down
  • Function as supplemental heater for individual comfort
  • Function as primary heat source
  • 52% greater downward radiant output than competitive units
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Simple and Basic control options

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Gas Fired Low Intensity Infrared Heating Equipment

  • Energy Efficient
  • Heats object not the air – Mechanical version of the Sun
  • Designed specifically for the space
  • Even distribution of Heat
  • Lower exhaust temperatures
  • Clean, Quiet, Draft-free

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Gas Vent Systems for Category II, III & IV Heating Appliances

Set the standard in 1997 as the first vent system with a built-in gasket and locking band. FasNSeal is designed for high efficiency gas heaters where cool flue gases are vented under pressure.

Available in 3″ through 24″ diameters. FasNSeal has an advanced design that offers the most professional venting method for high efficiency gas heaters. It is unparalleled in its ease of installation, precision fit and performance.

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CORAYVAC®, GORDONRAY® and VANTAGE® industrial heaters provide comfortable, energy efficient, and reliable warmth for a variety of satisfied customers

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Garage Induction Ventilation

  • High Velocity jet of air moving a larger quantity of surrounding air known as entrainment
  • EC motor technology
  • Low Profile design allows for significant savings in multi-level structures
  • Operates inline with Supply & Exhaust air system
  • Integrated speed control
  • Senses CO & NO2 pollutant levels

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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Destratification Fan

  • Move & circulate massive amounts of air at low RPM’s
  • Quit operation
  • Energy Savings towards any HVAC systems
  • Constant Air movement results in cleaner air
  • Both AC & EC motors available
  • BACnet control options down to standard Digital Wall controller

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Destratification Fan

  • Blends the air floor to ceiling
  • Creates even temperature
  • Optimizes the operation of all HVAC systems
  • Efficient, Quit, Small, Inexpensive to purchase
  • Simply controls

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Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purification System

A process when AC current is applied to special tubes, a corona of ions is produced. Airflow from within the duct carry these ions into the space to begin purifying the air.

Resulting in:

  • Reduced Odors
  • Reduced VOC’s
  • Reduced Bacteria & Viruses
  • Energy Recovery
  • Reduced Particulates
  • Reduced Static Electricity
  • A safe, natural & environmentally friendly space

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CA7000 Electronic Air Filter

  • Using Electronic polarization to trap airborne contaminants.
  • Twice as effective as a HEPA Filter at .007 microns
  • 45 times more effective as most pleated filters
  • Carries a MERV 15 rating
  • Low Static Pressure drop
  • Low Air Resistance coupled with Low Power Consumption Reduces operating costs up to 15%
  • All components of filter: plastic, metal, & glass fibers can all be recycled.

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Air Cleaning via Photocatalytic Oxidation

  • Using Ultraviolet light to energize the Photocatalyst & cleans surfaces

Electronic Filtration

  • Bringing MERV 14 and 15 Performance

PCO Photocatalytic Oxidation

  • Cleaning the air with Hydroxyl Radicals

Bi Polar Ionization

  • None Ozone Generating, Mid-Size Ion Clusters

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Opera Gas Monitors

  • Ammonia, Butane, CO2, CO, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Methane, NO2, O2, Propane, & More
  • Factory Calibrated
  • 24v power
  • User Interface – LCD Display, LED alarm indicators, Strobe, Audible alarm

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