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JetVent Fans


The new EC (Electronic Commutation) series of  JetVent fans is designed to offer enhanced energy efficiency in car park ventilation applications.  The highly efficient brush-less DC technology used in the EC motor, incorporating integrated speed control, results in reduced noise and significant power savings.  JetVent fans also incorporate Demand Control Ventilation.

Demand Control Ventilation is a smart technology, demand-based operations, where the ventilation rate matches the demand requirements at any given time.  Impulse fans, placed by Jetvent Designers in strategic locations, thrust a jet of air which in turn causes movement of large volumes of air through entrainment precisely where the need is highest.

Sensors in the car park measure the level of carbon monoxide and provide feedback, to the Digital Zone Controller, which automatically adjust fan speed resulting in the dilution of carbon  to an acceptable level.

Key features of EC series of Fantech JetVent fans: 

  • Offers high thrust while performing within AS2107:2000 noise requirements
  • Throw distance of 55 metres at high speed (25.8r/s)
  • Unique ComLink function allows digital communication between fan units and the Digital JetVent Zone Controller
  • Simple wiring schemes used to control the fan lead to huge installation savings
  • Digital communication also allows real-time information to be transmitted back to the central monitoring system.
  • At only 365mm high, the fan fits in most voids and provides superior car park ventilation efficiency
  • High efficiency motor and speed control